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The things I found in the fire

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-05 at 5.43.11 PM (1)As my dreams went up in ashes

I saw the fire take with it the hopes I had

My efforts to salvage my life burnt my knuckles

The soot covered every part of my being

Wounds exposed,

Eyes teary

Chest constricted

Heart failed

Composure left

Death called

When the angels sent me back

I had failed

So there I stood, rejected

Shoulders slumped, defeated

Seeking comfort from His Kingdom

Where I sat, and I Concentrated, and I Listened, for a voice bigger than my own

Until I had the strength to crawled

Then to walk

With a limp

My head raised

Without a voice

I searched

When the angels sent me back

They had rejected an act from a lack of faith

So I turned to the very same ashes

Sifted through rubble and the troubles that had led me to fear

And there I was

This is the final straw

As I breathe out your scent to make room for air

I am now in control